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Limbaugh: Obama Has Disliked U.S. Since The Days It Was Founded

RUSH LIMBAUGH: And Romney can run against Obama's economy, and he can run against various specific Obama programs or issues that have failed and so forth. This is where people say it's ideological. This is right versus left. You've got Obama and his goal is clear. What did he say? He wants to transform America? That's what it was: "Fundamentally transform America." What does that mean to you? What does "fundamentally transform" mean? I've shared with you my opinion. I know, I'm confident... When I say, "I know," I don't really know.

But I'm confident that this guy has not liked this country from the days that it was founded. He doesn't like the way it was founded. He has a chip on his shoulder about it. He said in Osawatomie, Kansas: America as founded has never worked. Capitalism, essentially, never worked. He views his presidency as the first one in 200-plus years to have a chance to fix the flaws inherent in this nation's founding. Obama and his crowd don't like the Constitution.

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