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Jon Lovitz Explains Expletive-Laced Anti-Obama Rant To Dr. Drew

“I’m not complaining about the taxes I pay,” he said. “What I don’t like is him saying that those people in that category who came from nothing and worked hard and made something of themselves are now, they’re not paying their fair share of taxes. And it’s like the one percent versus the 99 percent.”

Lovitz said he didn’t like success being demonized, noting that Obama has been immensely successful himself.

“Almost everybody, you ask, how did you succeed?” he said. “They said, ‘I didn’t have anything and I had to work really, really hard, and you have to sacrifice everything.’ You have to have a regular job eight hours a day, then the other eight hours, you’re going to school, pursuing acting, you’re doing all these things.”

“I voted for Obama,” he added. “I’m a Democrat. I also said he’s amazing — what he’s achieved in his own life, which it is. But then he’s like saying, OK. And now, you know, to hell with people like me and everyone else.”

(via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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