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Brit Hume On Obama Knocking Romney Over Bin Laden: "Yuck"

"There is nothing wrong with President Obama and his campaign citing the bin Laden raid as one of the successes of his administration. But Mr. Obama needs to be careful, because there is almost certainly less political gold in those hills than he may imagine," Brit Hume said on FOX News on Monday. "For example, the Gallup Organization asked people just after the raid last year who they thought should receive 'a great deal of credit' for it. Eighty-nine percent, as you can see, said the military. Sixty-two percent said the CIA. Only 35 percent said President Obama.

"The Obama team now seems to be trying to magnify the political benefit of the raid with that campaign ad suggesting Mitt Romney might not have ordered it. The president even used a news conference with the Japanese prime minister in the White House East Room today for a veiled reiteration of that suggestion. Without citing Romney's name in particular, he spoke of comments the Republican made back in 2008. Romney criticized Mr. Obama then for publicly saying he would go in to Pakistan to pursue bin Laden. Romney's point was not that we shouldn't do that if necessary, but that it was a bad idea for diplomatic reasons to proclaim it publicly. In the rough and tumble of a campaign, such distortions may be commonplace. But for the president himself to do it in the presence of a foreign leader in the White House brings one word to mind: Yuck."

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