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Maher: Obama Is "First Black President Of The Racist States Of America"

"You've got to say this about Mitt Romney, he's a master politician. I just heard him say this today, he said this: 'If people think that there is something wrong with being successful vote for the other guy,'" Bill Maher said on this week's edition of HBO's "Real Time."

"First of all, who thinks there is something wrong with being successful? Nobody. It's a typical straw man argument. The other question I would like to ask is: Does he think he is more successful than Barack Obama? Do you? Barack Obama was born to a single mother on food stamps and he became the first black president of the racist states of America. And Mitt Romney is the son of a rich dad and now he's a rich dad. Who really is more successful?" Maher asked.

"He lived the American dream way more than Romney ever did. In many ways," Andrew Ross Sorkin said.

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