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CBS' Stahl Calls Feeding KSM Ensure Dietary Shake "Orwellian" Tactics

CBS' Leslie Stahl talks to former Clandestine Service head Jose Rodriguez about waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) in an interview set to air this Sunday on "60 Minutes."

Stahl was especially concerned about KSM being fed Ensure, a liquid food drink that is often given to cancer patients who have a hard time eating solid food.

"So what happens, does he break down? Does he weep? Does he fall apart?," Stahl asked while discussing the waterboarding of KSM.

"No, he gets a good nights sleep. He gets his Ensure, by the way he was very heavy and when he came to us he lost 50 pounds," Rodriguez told her.

"What, his Ensure? You mean like people in the hospital who will eat that stuff?" a concerned Stahl asked.

"Yes. Dietary manipulation is was part of these dark techniques," Rodriguez said.

"So sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation. I mean, this is Orwellian stuff. The United State doesn't do that," an even more concerned Stahl said.

"Well we do," Rodriguez responded.

CBS News: Former Clandestine Service head Jose Rodriguez defends "enhanced interrogation techniques" and questions the drone strike policy. Watch Lesley Stahl's interview on Sunday, April 29 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

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