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Bashir Denies He Accused Romney Of Politicizing His Wife's MS, Cancer

At the end of his show today, MSNBC host Martin Bashir "cleared the air" on a comment he made earlier this week where he asked if Mitt Romney is using his wife's cancer and MS to close the gender gap. Here's what he said, as originally reported by RCP:

"We know that Ann Romney has herself had some suffering in the form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), she's also suffered with breast cancer. Do you think that he's intentionally using her to close the gender gap? Krystal [Ball] basically makes the point about which is basically that the President is so far ahead with women," MSNBC host Martin Bashir said on the Wednesday broadcast of his program.

Bashir said his remarks were deliberately distorted and misrepresented and to "suggest such a thing is a complete bastardization" of his "intentions." In other words, he is saying he was taken out of context. You can watch the clip and decide for yourself.

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