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Rush Limbaugh: "I Think Obama's Going To Lose In A Landslide"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: All of this consultant esoteric stuff, and I'm just listening to it. And it sounds impressive. And it is. It sounds like the person answering the question is a lifelong expert in this stuff. It's very impressive, if that's your business. And then everybody else took their turn at answering the question, and almost everybody was filled with insecurity, lack of confidence over whether or not Romney could win. And finally somebody said, "Well, Rush, what do you think?" And I went through my little, "Look, I'm not a professional at this. I'm not a political scientist. Counting votes, securing votes, that's not my business. My business is attracting an audience and holding the audience for as long as I can so I can charge confiscatory advertising rates, and that's not the same thing as getting votes.

"That being said, I think Obama's gonna lose in a landslide."

And their mouths fell open! And these are all us, folks.

By the way, don't misunderstand. None of this is criticism. If anything, I'm trying to tell you how out of the mainstream of thought at this particular dinner I was. Nobody else at the table thinks that Romney is gonna win in a landslide or Obama's gonna lose in a landslide. I didn't say it's going to happen. I said it could. The way I look at things, Obama could lose this big, and I went through my riff of the problems the White House is having, the polling data that they have that shows them scared. I illustrated my belief that they're scared by citing examples of what Obama's doing and how he's doing it and where he's going and what he's saying, how he can't run on his record. There's not one positive thing that's happened in this country since he took office that he can cite.

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