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Wasserman Schultz: "Entirely Reasonable" For Boehner To Say GOP Could Lose House

"I think it's entirely reasonable for the Speaker to expect that they could lose the House because they very well could. We're working hard to make sure that happens because John Boehner has allowed the Tea Party to take over his conference," DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said on CNN this morning.

"The Republicans have fully embraced extremism and they have brought in two years almost no jobs legislation to this floor and not worked with the president on any legislation to help make sure that we can move the economy forward because their number one goal is political and that's to defeat Barack Obama," she added.

“There’s no enthusiasm for their campaigns, no enthusiasm for their agenda, and they’re clearly on track to very likely lose the majority after a historic victory. We’re working hard and we’re getting ready to win," Schultz said.

"Well, I think that John Boehner fully recognizes, I mean, how rare is it for a speaker to even suggest -- I can tell you that Nancy Pelosi would never have suggested there was a possibility that we would lose," she also said.

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