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Reich: Without Government, Who Would Make The Workforce Competitive?

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich touts the government being able to step in to make the workforce "competitive" because corporations are no longer "American."

Jon Stewart: We rebuilt nations. We had won World War II. We had the G.I. Bill. People felt like government was competent and that it was worthwhile for these programs to exist. Has that sentiment changed?

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich: Yes. It has. It has.

Stewart: So, would it be fair to stay that because that sentiment has changed, that we have to look at also a change in the balance between taxes and government?

Reich: I think that there's no question about it. By the same token big corporations, in those days, were much more American. Now they are global. So, if we don't have a government that is investing in our people, in our education, in job skills, in infrastructure, in public transportation, basic research and development. All the things we need the government to do. We can't the big corporations are going to do.

So who is going to make sure that this workforce is going to be competitive and have a lot of value and generate high wages?

Watch the full version of this part of the interview here.

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