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Rush: Democrats Can't Throw Maher Overboard, He Is Way Too Valuable

RUSH: Right, right, let's forget Bill Maher, but Rush Limbaugh, we'll sit here for a month and talk about it and try to connect it with your life. Katrina, what do you want to talk about on your roundtable? What problems do people have that you don't think you're connecting with here? Is it Obama's economy? See, they're eager, they want to sweep Bill Maher away. Women are from Venus; Democrat women are from Bill Mahers. That's the problem that they have here. They don't quite know what to do. See, secretly, they think Maher is the funniest guy. When he comes out and he zings -- oh! They love Bill Maher. When he does this, you know, they sit there, "Ah, gee," they have to defend him. They can't throw him overboard, because to them he's way too valuable when you measure it on balance.

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