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Toure: Bill Cosby "Rather Misguided About The Black Community"

MSNBC race analyst Toure (one word) once again came on the channel to lecture viewers on how race has everything to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting case and why Bill Cosby is hurting the black community by not playing the race card.

While reprimanding Cosby for not taking advantage of the situation, Toure groups himself with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

"We must be respectful to him, important person in the community, in America for a long time," Toure said of Bill Cosby before he trashed him for letting a situation like this go to waste. "Respectful of our elders. But this is a very dangerous sentiment and it's not at all true. Yes, it is a gun situation but it is absolutely a racial situation in that Trayvon Martin was clearly profiled as a criminal black man, as if those two things are synonymous in America by George Zimmerman. That's why he pulled his gun and used it on Trayvon. And when a person of Bill Cosby's stature comes out publicly and says it's not a racial issue, it's a gun issue, it gives fuel to all those who misunderstand the situation. It is not about race and I and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are making it about race when it's not. He's giving fuel to those people who say, 'See, look. Even Bill Cosby agrees with us' and that's not correct."

Toure later added that Bill Cosby's opinion is "dangerous," unlike his.

"I can't speak for Bill Cosby, but I can say, what if he looks at you and says you're dangerous because you have now said that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin, which is to be determined in a court of law now that he's been arrested and charged. And according to prosecutors, they say he did profile Trayvon Martin, but this is all to be determined by a jury of his peers and we're going to watch this play out. So, Bill Cosby, he could say the same thing about you," Toure said.

"Bill Cosby is an extraordinary American. He's extraordinarily talented. He's had an amazing effect on my life, on many lives. But in terms of nuanced political thinking, he has not shown himself to be a big fan of that. And he has quite often said things that put him into the category of, with friends like these, who needs enemies? I mean, like, he's repeatedly talked about a lack of morality in the black community, as if we don't teach our children morality, as if we want to go to prison, as if that's some badge of honor. That is not the way things are in the black community," Toure also said.

Tamron Hall, the MSNBC anchor conducting the interview, then asked Toure if he viewed Bill Cosby as "anti-black."

"I'm saying that he has on several occasions said things that are extremely negative, paternalistic and rather misguided about the black community," Toure retorted.

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