April 13, 2012 Archives

April 13, 2012 Archives

Romney To NRA: Second Obama Term Will Be "Unrestrained"

Mitt Romney addressed the NRA Friday in his first high-profile speech since becoming the de facto nominee. During his remarks he warned of the perils that a second Obama term would present.

Wasserman Pressed And Dodges On Hypocrisy Of Going On Maher Show

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on 1210 Philly News Talk Radio was pressed on the democrats hypocrisy of not going after Bill Maher for his comments about women (April 13, 2012).

Buchanan: Media Sees America As "Mississippi Burning"

“These folks in the media see America as ‘Mississippi Burning,’” Buchanan said on Thursday night’s syndicated “The Jason Lewis Show.” “You know, 1964 — [Michael] Schwerner, [James] Chaney and [Andrew] Goodman were lynched by these Klansmen. They see America as full of these people who have got this hatred, this racial hatred in th

Labor Sec: "Services Provided By Government" Is The American Dream

"And it's about fairness. It's about fairness in the workplace. It's about fairness in education, and it's about fairness in terms of what services are provided by government. And if we can't have a say-so in that, then this isn't a dream that all of us have aspired to be a part of," Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis said at the National Action Networ

Wasserman Schultz: Romney Does Not "Respect The Priorities Of Women"

"The mommy wars have been so overblown. Women who work outside the home, women who stay at home, they all have hard jobs and we need to make sure we respect the priorities of women. Barack Obama does, Mitt Romney does not," DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) said on MSNBC today.

Gingrich Accuses FOX News Of Playing Favorites In GOP Race

FOX News' Bret Baier pushes back on Newt Gingrich's accusation that the network favored Romney during the GOP presidential race. He points out that Gingrich has been on FOX 106 times while Romney has been on 58 times.

Jon Stewart Ridicules Media Reaction To Zimmerman Arrest

Daily Show: After doing due diligence, the state of Florida charges George Zimmerman with second-degree murder in the Trayvon Martin case, thus sparking a media frenzy. (04:22)

O'Reilly: The November Vote Will Be Very Close

O'Reilly previews the November election and comments on Mitt Romney's campaigning style.

Walsh: Every Mother Is A Working Mother

Michael Smerconish, Michael Steele and Joan Walsh talk about the fight for women voters.

O'Donnell: Is The Death Penalty Worth Laying Off School Teachers?

Lawrence O'Donnell looks at changing opinions on the death penalty.

"Special Report" Panel On The Buffett Rule

The panel discusses President Obama's tax proposals.

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