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Levin On Obama Opining On Augusta: Where Is He On Women Out Of Work?

Asked for his take on President Obama saying Augusta should open its membership doors to women, Mark Levin talks about real issues women are facing every day such as gas in their car and being employed.

Mark Levin: How many millions of women in this country can not afford to fill up their cars? How many millions of women are breaking their weekly budgets buying food now? How many millions of women in this country are out of work? How many millions of women in this country are going to lose their homes?

In other words, Mr. President, you can focus on Augusta and the country clubs. You can play golf 80 times or more a year -- or doing your presidency. You can go to basketball games and do all these other things. But it's time we have a president who is concerned about the real needs of women. Not the country clubs and that includes men too.

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