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Allen West: I Would Say Yes To VP Slot On GOP Ticket

On Tuesday, former GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin said she would like to see Rep. Allen West (R-FL) considered for the 2012 ticket. (Watch: Sarah Palin: Allen West For Vice President)

"Yes, well, right now, you know, the focus is, of course, being a good congressional representative," Congressman West told CNN's Kyra Phillips when she asked if he would say 'yes' if Romney wanted him on the GOP ticket this fall. Full transcript of the exchange is available below.

PHILLIPS: What do you think? Vice President Allen West? Would you consider it if you were asked?

WEST: Well, first of all, happy Easter to you, Kyra. And when you consider the fact that five years ago I was sitting in the desert of Kandahar, Afghanistan, as a civilian military adviser and training to the Afghan army, no one would have ever thought that I'd be a congressional representative for here in south Florida and speaking to you today.

So we don't know which path your life may take and if someone were to believe that I have a capacity to serve this country at a higher level is very humbling, very honorable.

And as I did back in 1982, as my father did, as my older brother did, as my young nephew does, we will continue to serve this country in whatever capacity we can.

PHILLIPS: OK. So bottom line, you're telling me yes, if Mitt Romney comes to you and says, I want you on the ticket with me, I want you to be my vice president, you would say yes?

WEST: Yes, well, right now, you know, the focus is, of course, being a good congressional representative.

But if someone were to make that call to me, which I really doubt is ever going to happen, you would have to make sure that it is something that god would ordain for you, and you'd have to talk to your wife, my wife and my two daughters about.

But we have always stepped up to the plate to serve our country. And if it's the right fit, then I will do so.

But as I said, I really much so doubt that that would happen.

PHILLIPS: You know, there's a lot of things that we thought would never happen in the past couple of years, Congressman, so I think anything is possible.

WEST: That is true.

PHILLIPS: Indeed if Mitt Romney came to you, do you like Mitt Romney? Do you support his views? Would you feel comfortable on a ticket with him?

WEST: Well, you know, I've never been out on a dinner date with him if that's what you're asking me. So I don't know if I would like him, but I think that we'd have to sit down and discuss things.

And look, I think that Governor Romney and I definitely have a different vision for this country, a vision that gets us away from debt, despair and the horrible situations you see with our economic security, our energy security and our national security.

So I think that we will be able to come together as a team and be able to develop the right type of platform to turn this state around for the United States of America.

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