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Limbaugh: What's Worked Better, Capitalism Or Obamaism?

RUSH LIMBAUGH: What is happening under Barack Obama is a willful destruction. Barack Obama really believes, he's not just saying, he really believes and he is campaigning on the premise that the United States is a failure, as founded. And the last three-plus years we have been involved in a purposeful, willful transformation of this country from what it was that made it a failure in his mind to what it will take to make it successful or morally just. You see, in his world the United States is immoral and unjust. The wars that we have fought are immoral and unjust, and our superpower status did not arise out of our own creativity, industry, and production. It only happened because we stole the resources that we don't have from other people around the world. We stole their oil. We stole their best people. We stole their best ideas. We stole whatever. And we made people poor. We took other people's wealth. We stole it.

Meanwhile, we didn't steal anything. People from all over the world have wanted to come here for as long as this country has been the United States of America. Capitalism is the most non-ideological, nonracist, most successful economic system in the history of the world. What's worked better, capitalism or the New Deal? Capitalism or the Great Society? Capitalism or Obamaism? Capitalism or the Soviet Union? Capitalism or communist China? Capitalism or Cuba? Capitalism or Venezuela? In every one of these countries where I've offered a comparison, I'm comparing a land of freedom and economic liberty to tyranny and totalitarianism. China, the old Soviet Union, the current Cuba, the current Venezuela.

Wherever you go that there is entrenched socialism, you have tyranny and totalitarianism. And you don't have human life anywhere near as just flat-out enjoyable as it is in the United States, and that might be part of the reason Obama and people like him are mad. It could well be that they look at it as just not fair, that the United States has such wealth, such opportunity for contentment, pursuit of happiness, enjoyable lifestyle, expectation of all that. Maybe that's what bothers them. It's unfair. In fact, I think it is. I think a lot of Obama's belief is rooted in it's time we found out what it's like elsewhere in the world. The problem is he thinks that the way it is elsewhere in the world is our fault because we've taken, we've stolen, or we've conquered or what have you.

You boil it all down to a very simple explanation, and Obama is running for reelection on this premise: the United States of America is the problem in the world, not the solution. And that, folks, is scary. That's frightening. That we have a president of the United States who thinks that his country is the problem in the world, it's time this country was knocked down a couple of pegs, find out what it's like to be exploited by other people, like we did to the rest of the world. Every previous president in this country... well, take it back. Certainly not Woodrow Wilson. But I would dare say 99%, 98% of all American presidents have believed with every fiber of their soul that the United States was the solution to the world's problems.

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