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Hillary Clinton: Women Under "Verbal Assault" From Rush Limbaugh

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the response from the public to Rush Limbaugh's comments about Sandra Fluke was "very encouraging," especially the reaction from advertisers.

"I thought the response was very encouraging. The response from the public, the response, in particular, from women cutting across all kinds of categories, the response from advertisers," Clinton told NBC's Andrea Mitchell in an interview that aired on the network's cable channel MSNBC.

"As a nation, we have every right, and in fact I welcome it, to engage in the kind of debate and dialogue that is at the root of who we are as Americans. But lets not turn it into personal attacks and insults. We're beyond that, we’re better than that and people in the public eye have a particular responsibility to avoid it," Clinton said.

Mitchell teed up Hillary Clinton for the slam dunk on Limbaugh by bringing up her daughter, Chelsea, being on a panel with Sandra Fluke.

"They're entitled to their opinion," Clinton said of her political opponents. "No one is entitled to engage in that kind of, you know, verbal assault. Let's keep it on the issue. If you disagree on the issues, let's have a vigorous debate. Hopefully evidence based. I would like that to be a part of the debate. That's fair game."

"Whether it comes from the right, the left, up, down, wherever it comes from, let's all ask for a return to civility and the kind of debate that really enables citizens to make better decisions," Clinton said.

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