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George Will: Obama "Mildly Disdainful" Of American Public

“What this does, what people say when no one’s listening, or so they think, gives you some insight into who Mr. Obama really is,” George Will said on this morning’s “This Week” roundtable. “And this reinforces a narrative, which is that he’s kind of slippery, very aloof, and mildly disdainful of those people who inhibit his flexibility: AKA the American public.”

Ann Coulter says Obama is ready to "give in" to Russia.

“You wouldn’t need to wait until after the election with more flexibility if this were going to be a popular policy, to give in to, as [Mitt] Romney correctly says, one of our leading geopolitical enemies,” Coulter said. “The fact that he’s making deals — or planning to make deals with … a country that is sending nukes and dangerous materials to terrorists, and it is a problem for the United States.”

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