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Bill Maher Blames "The Democrats" For Trayvon Martin Shooting

On HLN’s “Dr. Drew” on Tuesday night, Maher explained that the Democratic Party bowing to the National Rifle Association on the issue of gun control made it possible for the so-called “Stand Your Ground” legislation to become law.

“And of course, the law is what has to change,” Maher said. “I mean, that, I think, is what really is getting people upset is that even if we arrest this guy, there’s no guarantee that Florida is going to change this basically anyone who scares you, you can shoot law, which is insane. And this is something we’re going to talk about on my show this week, the idea that this is what happens in America when one political party, in this case, the Democrats, completely rolls over on an issue, in this case, gun control.” (source: Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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