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Anti-Sharpton Black Leader Rips CNN's Roland Martin Over Trayvon Case

Rev. C.L. Bryant, former NAACP leader, takes on CNN's Roland Martin over Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson "exploiting" the death of Trayvon Martin.

Rev. C.L. Bryant: "Whenever there is something like this that occurs like Tawana Brawley, or the Duke Lacrossee team, you can guarantee you that two faces will show up in order to heighten the tension in this type of situation and they're usually Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson."

CNN's Roland S. Martin attempts to paint Rev. C.L. Bryant as someone who is uncaring of the greater black community because he has not made any updates to his Twitter or Facebook accounts in weeks.

"Let me go on record tonight and say let's put your ideology on the table and let's put my ideology on the table. I call you out tonight. We can meet in Chicago. We can meet in Newark and let's see whose ideology best suits the traditional core values of a black American people. Let's see whose ideas stand to muster. And I do accept whatever challenge you have but I throw down the gauntlet tonight. Let us have a test of the different ideologies, liberal and black conservative. Let's do that," Bryant said in response to Martin questioning his bona fides in the black community.

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