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Santorum: "Increasingly Likely" GOP Nomination Will Go To Convention

David Brody, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN): Take me through the end of June. Here it is, Utah votes. It's July 1, let's just say, you wake up wherever you wake up that morning, and you do what exactly at that point? You're in this race all the way through June?

Rick Santorum: Here's what I would say. That the shorter this race is in the Fall, the better it is for the Republican candidate. Whoever the Republican nominee is, is not going to have as much money as President Obama. President Obama and the Democratic Party haven't been spending money in the primary, they've been husbanding their resources, and when the Republican nominee is finally decided, all of those resources, all of the national media, which of course will hate the Republican, are going to be trained on that candidate, and start blasting away.

My feeling is, I think a lot of folks are now coming to this conclusion, that the shorter the time frame that that happens, you basically nullify the financial advantage of the president. Because in two months, he can spend a ton of money, but you have diminishing returns. Money matters. But whoever the Republican nominee is, is going to have enough money to run a strong two month campaign. Obama may have more, but again, it's a diminishing return in a short period of time.

But if you can spread that money out over a long period of time, and keep that pounding for six months, as opposed to just having it for two months, that's how a Republican nominee can be really hurt. So, I think the fact that it's likely in my opinion to go to a convention.

I think it's increasingly likely, not certain, but increasingly likely, actually is a good thing for the Republican party, and a good thing for our chances in the Fall.

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