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Santorum: We Need Someone With Long Record Of Deep Convictions

Rick Santorum: We need someone who has a strong and clear record who can appeal to the voters all across this country. And someone whomyou can trust, someone that you know when they say they are going to do something, they're not saying it because well, that happens to be the popular theme of the moment, but someone who has a long track record of deep convictions. Someone who is going to go out and stand and fight because it's not just what the pollster tells him to say or what's on their teleprompter -- I don't happen to have one here tonight -- because they know in their gut, from their life experiences, from living in America that this is what America needs, and America wants.

They want someone who is not going to go to Washington, DC because they want to be the most powerful person in the world to manage Washington. They want someone who is going to take that power and give it back to the people of this country.

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