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Krauthammer On Dislike Of Obamacare: "It's Not The Advertising, It's The Dogfood"

"That's nonsense," Charles Krauthammer said about the inability of the administration to sell Obamacare. "It's not the advertising, it’s the dogfood. Anytime someone has a lick of it they don’t like it."

"Every time anybody has a look at it or has a lick of it, they don’t like it. And we can see historical trajectory. It was the focus of the 2010 election, the Democrats got slaughtered. And then for a couple years it went into hibernation, it wasn’t in news, it hadn’t been implemented so it wasn't a big issue, although Obama understands how unpopular it is. Thus he gave it only one sentence in the State of the Union address. This is his signature achievement," he said.

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