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Corn: Obama Camp Says Romney Wants To Take Away "Free" Mastectomies

David Corn, author of the new book "Showdown," tells MSNBC's Chris Matthews that the Obama campaign plans to fight for Obamacare by explaining the benefits of the law. Corn says they plan to ask the American people if they want Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee, "to take away free mastectomies and colonoscopies from Americans?" Transcript below.

David Corn: Well, you know, no one knows how the Court is going to handle this because there are a lot of conflicting issues between judicial activism, judicial restraint, sticking with precedent with the Commerce Clause.

But the interesting thing which I found in talking with people involved with the Obama campaign for the book is that they really believe that they can win a head to head fight when it comes to presenting the benefits of the healthcare law.

Do you want Mitt Romney, if you're the nominee, to take away free mastectomies and colonoscopies from Americans? Do you want to take kids off of plans with their parents? Do you want to go back to letting companies throw you out for preexisting conditions. They're willing to have this fight.

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