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Carney Unsure When Obama's Policies Will Have Effect On Gas Prices

RCP's White House correspondent Alexis Simendinger asks White House press secretary Jay Carney when President Obama's energy policies will make gas prices lower.

Simendinger: Talking about on energy, the president is trying to be honest, trying to ask the American people to understand there is no silver bullet, no instant fix. Can you describe in the President's policy, his strategy, when would the payoff materialize to smooth out for most Americans, those price jumps? When does he envision a payoff would occur?

Carney: If you keep at it, it's a process that improves continually. We've already seen our reliance on foreign imports decline in the last three years. We've already seen an increase in domestic oil production. We've already seen increases in renewable energy production. We've put into place fuel efficiency standards that will have a significant impact in terms of reducing our demand for foreign oil. So all of these things will have a cumulative effect to reduce the portion of our energy consumption that comes from foreign sources and by doing that reduce the impact of fluctuations of the global oil market on average Americans. And that's the overall goal.

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