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Carney Denies Reports Of Deal To Release Oil From Strategic Reserves

White House press secretary Jay Carney says it is untrue that President Obama will release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.

Reporter: On another subject, reports today that the President and PM Cameron discussed tapping Strategic Oil Reserves. What’s the status of the White House’s attempt to tap the SPR and are you having those kind of discussions with other foreign leaders, because obviously you want to do this with international concurrence?

Carney: Jim, the suggestion that energy issues that were discussed by the British PM and the President should not be surprising. Energy issues were among the topics discussed in the meetings that they had. It is inaccurate, as was reported today, that any kind of agreement was reached on a course of action or that any kind of timetable associated with a course of action was agreed to. Those reports are wrong, they’re false.

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