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Krauthammer: Romney Strong Enough To Stay Ahead, Not Strong Enough To Pull Away

"It's a hell of a way to build up enthusiasm to argue, 'I've got the math; elect me.' It doesn't exactly stir the soul," Charles Krauthammer said of Mitt Romney's election plea. "I don't see, you know, people swooning in the aisles like Obama in 2008. And I also like the high level of civil discourse that Republicans are engaging in. Romney saying of Santorum he is an economic lightweight, he doesn't know anything about the economy."

"Look, I think that the voters are right. This is dividing the party and hurting the party. I think the storyline continues. Romney is strong enough to stay ahead consistently, but he is not strong enough to pull away. And that is the story of the campaign," Krauthammer said.

"But I think the poll numbers that we have with Romney holding the lead over Santorum, small lead about six or eight points, will be changed. We have seen these unbelievable swings. After South Carolina, Gingrich, swung from minus 20 to plus 10. So we have seen remarkable swings as a result of headlines and momentum and a sense of the race changing," Krauthammer analyzed.

"So I would expect that Santorum is probably either ahead, or even right now. The interesting result was what happens if Gingrich steps out. And it looks as if Santorum would get the majority of support and that would make a Romney-Santorum one-on-one really close, really neck and neck," he predicted.

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