March 14, 2012 Archives

March 14, 2012 Archives

Coulter On Palin: GOP Has "A Problem With Con Men And Charlatans"

“One of the ones promoting that [a brokered convention] is Sarah Palin, who has suggested herself as the choice,” Coulter said. “I think as long as it’s between us girls — I’ve been observing something about her. I don’t think it’s likely to happen. I don’t know what these people are cheering for. As I wrote in a column a few week

Fluke: Some Women Need More Expensive Contraception Than Others

Contraception activist Sandra Fluke tells MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that private insurance should cover contraception just like the government does. Fluke says that it is "completely untrue" that taxpayers would have to subsidize contraception. "The entire point, the policy point which is what I have always been trying to talk about and there's

Howard Dean: Santorum Would Beat Romney In One-On-One Race

"I think Santorum probably ekes out a win against Romney by the time they get to the convention if it's one-on-one," Howard Dean said on CNBC tonight. Dean, former Chairman of the DNC, was a candidate for president in 2004. "I'll tell you why," he began to explain. "Romney's got the organization, he's outspent Santorum 5 to 1, but we're still

Obama Fills Out 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

President Barack Obama makes his picks for the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Obama's Final Four picks are nearly all schools in swing states.

Krauthammer: Romney Strong Enough To Stay Ahead, Not Strong Enough To Pull Away

"It's a hell of a way to build up enthusiasm to argue, 'I've got the math; elect me.' It doesn't exactly stir the soul," Charles Krauthammer said of Mitt Romney's election plea. "I don't see, you know, people swooning in the aisles like Obama in 2008. And I also like the high level of civil discourse that Republicans are engaging in. Romney saying

Charles Ogletree: Derrick Bell Was A Moderate

Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree joins Ed Schultz to reveal how he’s been “hiding” the Bell tape all these years, and responds to the right’s attacks on Professor Bell. (The Ed Show)

Romney: Conservatives Who Don't Like Me Now Will Learn To When I'm The Nominee

Mitt Romney talks to FOX News' Megyn Kelly about attracting support from conservative voters. "When you ask in these prior elections, 'who as conservatives did you vote?,' I won the conservative vote. Some who are very conservative may not yet be in my camp, but they will be when I become the nominee, when I face Barack Obama. Because again, wha

Obama Economic Adviser Laughs, Passes On Projecting Future Unemployment

White House NEC Director Gene Sperling at the Atlantic's Economy Forum takes a pass on predicting where the unemployment rate might be in several months. "It's an absolutely great idea for people in government jobs like mine to make projections on where the unemployment rate will be," Sperling said sarcastically. "It always works out well," h

American Flag Featuring Obama Angers Vets

The flag, which features a picture of President Obama, was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

Chris Rock Attacks Camera After Asked Why He Called Tea Party Racist

Chris Rock becomes unhinged when he's asked to defend his Tea Party remarks. Reporter: Jason Mattera.

Jon Stewart Attacks FOX News For Bill Maher Coverage

Daily Show: Fox News compares Rush Limbaugh to Bill Maher, and accuses comedians of having a liberal double standard. (07:23)

A Reagan Forum With Mark Levin

A Reagan Forum with Mark Levin on Friday, March 9, 2012.

Romney In '07: The Individual Mandate Is "Ultimate Conservatism"

In this 2007 interview, Mitt Romney defends the individual mandate that was a part of the health care legislation he signed into law in Massachusetts. "When they show up at the hospital, they get care, they get free care, paid for by you and me. If that's not a form of socialism, I don't know what is. So my plan did something quite different.

Romney: "I've Been Very Successful, I'm Not Going To Apologize For That"

“Guess what? I made a lot of money. I've been very successful. I'm not going to apologize for that. I understand the economy not because I've debated the economy in a subcommittee of Congress; I understand the economy because I've been in it. I've lived it," Mitt Romney said in a heated interview on FOX News today.

Krauthammer: Obama An "Enemy" To Energy We Need To Sustain Ourselves

Charles Krauthammer opines on President Obama's approach to energy policy.

Heilemann: GOP Establishment Will Call On Adelson To Stop Funding Gingrich

Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Stecve Schmidt and John Heilemann review the results of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries.

"Special Report" Panel On "Zero Effect" Of Sanctions On Iran

The panel discusses the latest on Iran's nuclear program.

Stossel: There's Not Much Obama Can Do About Gas Prices

Laura Ingraham and John Stossel talk about gas prices.

Krauthammer: Gingrich Still In Race To "Settle Some Scores"

Charles Krauthammer says Santorum's pair of victories in Alabama and Mississipppi could "slingshot" him and revive his campaign. However, Krauthammer says he needs to work on his acceptance speech. Krauthammer also had some criticism for Newt. Krauthammer says his mocking tone towards Romney was unwarranted since he had a terrible night himself

Fineman: Southern Voters Willing To Support Mormon, Roman Catholic Candidates

Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Alex Wagner and Howard Fineman talk about the electorate in Alabama and Mississippi.

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