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Randi Rhodes: Cut Off Ovaries Of Monica Crowley, Megyn Kelly

Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes on FOX News' Megyn Kelly and conservative commentator Monica Crowley:

Randi Rhodes: You know, these women, someone needs to go repossess their ovaries. Really, truly. They have no right to them. They are fabulous little organs and they have absolutely no right to be estrogen-bearing beings. Just cut them off, let them go through the hot flashes, let them just sit there and complain about hormones therapy.

Just take the ovaries and get it over with because they don't deserve to have estrogen, it's a privilege. You know, here's the little factoid from all of this conversation and you know, I've got to believe that Monica Crowley and Megyn Kelly, who is a lawyer, and all of these other girls know, know that they're lying to their audience.

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