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Carney On Bill Maher: Obama Not Arbitrator Of Every Political Statement

At the White House briefing today, FOX News' Ed Henry asked Jay Carney about Bill Maher's misogynistic language and his $1 million donation to Obama's Super PAC. Carney is asked if Obama will condemn Maher's language like he did with Rush Limbaugh and call on his Super PAC to return the money. Carney's response:

Carney: I think the points that you made as you were asking your question are the ones that I will make. We are not, and cannot be, the arbitrator of every statement that everybody makes in the policy and political arena.

As a general matter, obviously language that denigrates women is inappropriate and I think I would point you to what the president said when he was asked about this at his press conference which was he chooses to lead by example, or to try to. He chooses to, in the pursuit of a more civil discourse in our public space, he chooses to try to practice that civility himself. And he calls on everybody to do just that."

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