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Wasserman Schultz Touts Domestic Drilling, Then Says It Won't Solve Crisis

DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) touts the fact that domestic drilling is at a record high under President Obama, yet in the same breath says calls for 'drill, baby, drill' won't solve the crisis.

Wasserman Schultz: "That’s the case for any president. Any president that tells you, and President Obama mentioned this the other day at the University of Miami in south Florida, that they can affect gas prices in the short term is just making things up. We are at the point now where we have had more domestic production, right now, than we have in eight years.

We are doing everything we can, we are throwing everything we can at making sure we can begin to get us off of our dependence on foreign oil, stop depending on our enemies. But the only answer for the Republicans is to “drill, drill, drill” and that’s not a short term or long-term strategy nor is it going to do anything to bring down gas prices in the short term. We have to focus on this in a realistic way."

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