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Mark Levin On Breitbart: We Lost One Of Our Generals Today

Mark Levin delivers an emotional eulogy to Andrew Breitbart. A key portion of what he said is transcribed below.

MARK LEVIN: Now we're going to have to press forward, folks. From time to time, one of our generals, one of our generals will fall for one reason or another. It's just the way it is. God does what he chooses to do. We can't control the future, we can't control these circumstances as much as we would like to. But we can, to some extent, control our own lives.

And so, it's important to learn from this and, frankly, to be inspired by him. I know what type of crap Andrew took. I know what type of crap my friend Matt Drudge takes, which is why even if you disagree with some of his posts and I say, 'lay off of him.' I know what kind of crap Rush and Sean take, I know what I take. I don't want sympathy and neither do they. Neither does Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. And on down the line.

We don't want sympathy, we want to defeat these people. We want to defeat them. We want to save our country. We want a wonderful country for our children and our children's children. We believe in liberty. We don't just talk about it, we believe in it. And so do you. We believe in the Constitution. And so do you. We believe in America. And so do you.

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