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Breitbart Confidant: Tapes Of Obama Will Be Released Soon

Stephen K. Bannon, a confidant of the late Andrew Breitbart, revealed on "Hannity" that the tapes Breitbart talked about at CPAC this year will be released in the next week or two.

Bannon also gave more details on Breitbart's heart condition:

BANNON: A year ago, you know, Larry Solov (Breitbart's attorney), Andrew had heart issues. He went to UCLA, he was in the hospital for a number of days. Since we're a private company, things did not have to be announced. Susie (Breitbart's wife) and Larry were there. We had a number of doctors.

HANNITY: Five days?

BANNON: He came out with a very specific program. He was on medication. As you guys know, he dropped weight. He went on a diet. He had a personal trainer. He was there really to get into fighting shape. And you're going to see that this was a massive heart attack. All the rumors are just nonsense.

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