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Krauthammer: Long Primary Process Has "Diminished" GOP Brand

Megyn Kelly, FOX News: Charles, a lot of Republican voters have been uncomfortable watching this primary contest so far with all the barbs being exchanged between the candidates and in Michigan, as we've seen in some of the earlier states, it got a little ugly in the end. Your take now at this point in the process on whether this extended primary process that was a choice by the GOP is working to the GOP's advantage?

Charles Krauthammer: No. I think it's hurting them terribly. And you're right about the fact that it is a Republican choice. And I think it was a really stupid choice. They decided that in 2008 they had gotten a candidate too early. A weak candidate in McCain and they got slaughtered. So they were going to undo that and have a long, drawn out process. Almost all the contests would be proportional, and let the voters decide over time.

The flaw in the reasoning, and it was pretty obvious, they'd be running against an incumbent president, unlike in 2008. The Democrats would not have any early contests. They wouldn't have any negativity. They wouldn't have all this expenditure in trying to decide who is going to be the nominee.

So they should have had a shorter race, but they designed it for a longer race in a year in which the Democrats have no race at all and therefore have an advantage. Nonetheless, I think the way Obama has performed as president is so disappointing that that will even out, and as now I think it is now an even contest between Democrats and Republicans as to the general election. It shouldn't be. Republicans should be way ahead, given how badly Obama has done and how week the economy is. But this process has certainly hurt all the Republican candidates, and diminished the brand unfortunately.

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