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Chuck Todd: Santorum Playing To "Glenn Beck Paranoia" With College Comment

"I just think it underscores Romney's weakness that he couldn't jump on the education comment," NBC's Chuck Todd said of Romney's inability to capitalize on Rick Santorum's gaffes. "That he was so afraid, he is so afraid of riling up any form of -- this has been, this is you know, if there is a political obituary for Mitt Romney before Tampa, right? If this thing does all comes apart, I think one of the first, long paragraph will be about his cautiousness. And his fear -- always feat that when he got into the race, fearing riling up the conservative base. So he can't even come out.

"I was talking with [Tom] Brokaw yesterday, he can't even come out and attack Rick Santorum over Michiganders not wanting to send their kids to the University of Michigan or Michigan State. It's amazing that Mitt Romney had the guts to hit him on that," Chuck Todd also said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"What's this argument he's making about college? I don't get it," MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski wondered.

"I understand the threat he's making. That this whole idea that academia is too liberal. But say that. That's the cultural warrior comment on this, right Joe? You don't sit there and say it's an indoctrination program. You don't play to the Glenn Beck paranoia," Chuck Todd said in a dismissive tone.

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