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Krauthammer: Romney And Paul Are "Objectively Allies"

On PBS' "Inside Washington" this week, Charles Krauthammer argues there is no "conspiracy or collusion" between a Mitt Romney and Ron Paul alliance. He says they both want to achieve their objectives and it requires one to work with the other. Kruathammer says Ron Paul wants to use the power he gains as a candidate to give a primetime speech at the convention and hand over his movement to his son.

Gordon Peterson, host: What's going on between Ron Paul and Romney, what's going on?

Charles Krauthammer: They are objectively allies and the reason is this: It's not because it's a conspiracy or collusion or because, people will say, the wives are close. It's simple. You're Ron Paul, you're 76, you are not going to be the president, you know that. But your entire objective is to build a movement and acquire legitimacy, that is what he wants to do. So his objectively is not to end up number one in delegates in Tampa, but number two.

So, Romney is not a guy that he needs to bring down. What he needs to do is exceed the total of the guys who are his rivals, Gingrich and Santorum. So, he wants a strong Romney, he wants to be the one to emerge in Tampa as leader of the eternal opposition by a guy who gets his speech in primetime and hands over the baton to his son as the leader of a strong and legitimate movement inside the Republican party.

Krauthammer notes that the most effective ad against Newt Gingrich in Iowa, of all the ads, was a negative Ron Paul ad on his baggage.

"It's not ideological, it's that he wants to be number two and that's why he goes after the other guys," Krauthammer said.

"If you want to be number two, you've got to take on number one at some point," Mark Shields chimed in.

"No you don't," Krauthammer responded.

"Do you mind if I speak while you're interrupting?" an upset Shields asked.

"I'll give it a shot and see what happens," Krauthammer shot back.

Shields said Krauthammer gave an "interesting psychoanalytical" view of what Ron Paul wants, but that one has to look at what happened. Shields says Ron Paul has gone after all the former frontrunners.

"I think what is a legitimate conclusion here is that there's something going on," Shields said.

"Romney is the only one out of all those who has been the consistent and recurrent frontrunner and throughout, the presumptive nominee. I think it makes eminent sense that you not want to go after him and go after all of your rivals," Krauthammer said.

Shields says there has been 11 lead changes.

"And the only guy who is still there is Romney," Krauthammer said back.

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