February 22, 2012 Archives

February 22, 2012 Archives

Newt Slams John King: "Elite Media" Didn't Ask Obama About Abortion

Newt Gingrich took debate moderator John King to task for asking the candidates about contraception. Gingrich: "I just want to point out, you did not once, not once did anybody in the elite media ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide. So let’s be clear here, if we’re going to have a debate about who is the extremist o

Romney To Santorum: In 2008 You Called Me "Really Conservative"

"First of all, let's not forget that four years ago, well after Romneycare was put into place, four years ago you not only endorsed me, you went on Laura Ingraham and said, 'this is the guy who is really conservative and we can trust him.' Let's not forget that you said that," Mitt Romney said to Rick Santorum at tonight's debate in Arizona after t

Pelosi: "I Just Knew That Newt Gingrich Was Completely Unacceptable"

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi gave her take on the Republican field and her comment that she knew "something" about Newt Gingrich on tonight's broadcast of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show." "I'd like to leave the Rep

Debate Audience Boos Santorum Over Support For Title X

The debate audience boos Rick Santorum after Mitt Romney points out that he voted for Title X. Rick Santorum says he has a moral objection to it, however that he still voted for it. Title X is a federal grant program "completely devoted to providing comprehensive family planning and other rel

Ari Fleischer: Santorum "Missed His Chance Tonight"

Ari Fleischer: "Mitt Romney was regular, solid, steady, hit doubles. Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum missed his chance tonight. He had a real opening and I think he missed it."

Santorum: Media Asks About Social Issues Then Complains About Focusing On Social Issues

Rick Santorum responds to CNN's Gloria Borger claiming he focuses too much on social issues. Santorum says the media asks him about it and then complains that he is talking too much about social issues when he answers their questions. Gloria Borger, CNN: "What do you say to those Republicans who say that you are spending way too much time talki

Romney: "We Found Out" Why Stephanopoulos Asked About Contraception

You recall, back in the debate we had George Stephanopoulos talking all about birth control. We wondered why in the world that contraception -- it's like, 'why's he going there?' Well, we found out when Barack Obama continued his attack on religious conscience.

Gergen On Debate: "Four White Guys" Telling Women What To Do On Contraception

David Gergen: "There has been a gender gap now for some years, as you well know, and that's because many women have moved into a position of thinking as Donna [Brazile] is arguing, that this is about their reproductive rights. I thought when this argument first started about the church that the Republicans were in a strong position because it did l

Gingrich: "Utterly Stupid" To Say US Can't Control The Border

Gingrich: "It is utterly stupid to say that government can’t control the border. It’s a failure of will. It’s a failure of enforcement. "Let’s assume that tomorrow morning you had a president who wanted to work with your governor. Who instead of suing Arizona, helped Arizona, worked with Arizona. What’s the fiscal reality three years f

Romney: Obama Handing Car Companies Over To The UAW Was "Wrong"

Mitt Romney explains why President Obama didn't want the bankrupt auto companies to go through managed bankruptcy. Romney: "The politicians, Barack Obama's people, “oh, no, we can't go through managed bankruptcy”. Six months they wrote, I think it was $17 billion in checks to the auto companies. They finally realized I was right. They f

Rick Perry: "Newt Is The Real Deal"

Gov. Rick Perry expresses his continued support for Newt Gingrich and offers advice on what he needs to do to improve.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is Campaigning For The Takers Not The Producers

From "The Rush Limbaugh Program," Wednesday February 22, 2012.

Ron Paul: Rick Santorum Is A Fake

Ron Paul defends his ad calling Rick Santorum "a fake" during Wednesday's CNN debate.

Obama Economic Adviser On Construction At WH: "Just Creating Jobs Everywhere"

President Obama's National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling jokes about the ongoing construction at the White House, telling MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that "we're just creating jobs everywhere." "No deficit of jobs right there," Mitchell said with a smile.

Romney To Santorum: While I Worked For Olympics, You Voted For Bridge To Nowhere

"The earmark process is broken. There are thousands and thousands of earmarks, money being used inappropriately. And I'll tell you this, you mentioned the Olympics coming to the United States Congress, asking for support. No question about it. That's the nature of what it is when you lead an organization or a state. You come to Congress and you say

Gingrich: Romney Attacking Santorum Over Earmarks Is Hypocritical

Newt Gingrich says Romney attacking Santorum for earmarks is hypocritical since Romney asked the federal government for to earmark spending for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, which he managed. "I think it was totally appropriate for you to ask for what you got. I think it's kind of silly for you to turn around and run an ad attacking for so

David Gergen: Mitt Romney "Winner By Significant Margin"

David Gergen: "This was a showdown between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum on a very significant debate. And Mitt Romney was the winner by a significant margin. He came in better prepared. He remained on offense all night. He knew his brief, he was able to go on attack against Santorum very, very well."

Apparent Romney Supporters Take Down Santorum Signs

In this video, two people take down Rick Santorum signs across the street from a Romney event.

Romney: Santorum Hasn't Been Vetted

“Sen. Santorum hasn’t been as carefully viewed by the American public as have the others," GOP hopeful Mitt Romney said at a campaign event in Michigan on Tuesday. "Rick Santorum is now just being seen for the first time in many homes and his background and mine are very different," he added.

"Special Report" Panel On The GOP Race

The panel discusses the GOP race and the possibility of a brokered convention.

Bernstein: Obama Has Done A Lot For Domestic Oil Drilling

Lawrence O'Donnell and Jared Bernstein talk about rising gas prices.

Fineman: Santorum Is Miscalculating His Appeal With Female Voters

Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman look at Rick Santorum's chances in the Arizona and Michigan primaries.

Romney At Debate: "We Should Not Raise The Debt Ceiling Again"

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney bash each other over taxes and the debt ceiling. "In my view, we should not raise the debt ceiling again until we get compensating cuts on spending. A cut, cap and balance approach must be taken," Romney said at the debate.

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