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Pat Buchanan: "We Are Becoming A Tower Of Babel"

Charlie Rose: So you're not saying the nation has to be white and Christian which some of your critics believe you are saying?

Patrick J. Buchanan: The critics should read the book instead of trying to blacklist and censor the book, Charlie. No. Any individual can be a good American. When I was a young man in 1960, because of the melting pot we had all come together - Irish and Germans and English and Polish and Jewish and Czech and Greek - into one nation and one people under God.

But the culture and all these things that held us together, we have thrown out. The public schools which introduced us to English literature, American history, American heroes and holidays, that's thrown out. We are becoming a Tower of Babel, and I don't think we can survive as a great nation or one republic under God, indivisible.

Rose: But I thought what America meant was diversity. I thought what the Statue of Liberty meant was that we welcome everybody to our shores and that that is what has made us strong, because people have come from outside the united states to make giant contributions - in war and peace - to make us the strong country that we are, and that is what our central power - that is what has given us enormous strides in technology, in science, in health, and, yes, in fighting the wars that we felt were necessary for our national security.

Buchanan: Charlie, what is the motto of the United States? E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. It is not just a diversity that makes America strong. It is the unity we finally had in the Depression and World War II, in the 1950s. We were one people united under God, indivisible in one nation.

What is happening now is that the elites in this country have taken the melting pot and thrown it out. They're saying to people, 'Come to America, keep your culture, keep your separate religion, keep your separate different beliefs.' America is becoming a nation of nations.

Rose: How are they saying keep your beliefs but not at the same time accept the values and the Constitution of the country that you have come to? It is one thing to understand your own roots, it's another thing not to accept the principles and the Constitution of the United States.

Buchanan: All right, Charlie, let me ask you about the Constitution of the United States. What does the Ninth Amendment say with regard to the killing of the unborn or pro-choice? We are divided over what the Constitution says. What does the 14th Amendment say about affirmative action which is discrimination against white folks? Is that legitimate under the 14th Amendment? We disagree over the First Amendment, freedom of religion. President Obama thinks it means you go into the Catholic Church and tell them, 'Start distributing condoms and abortifacients and start doing sterilizations in your institutions.'

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