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MSNBC's Krystal Ball: Virginia Abortion Law Is "Rape"

MSNBC's expert on abortion Krystal Ball: "So, Virginia is my home state and I actually ran for Congress there in 2010. So this hits very close to home for me also being a woman. What they are saying in Virginia is not only do women have to undergo an ultrasound, they have to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Mandatory state probing, okay. That's what this legislation is talking about."

"It actually meets the Virginia definition of rape. So, the bigger picture here is this is a bigger piece of a whole range of anti-woman extreme legislation that was pushed through the Virginia legislator and really the legislators across the country."

"It just took that sort of trans-vaginal state rape kind of language to really get national attention, but we've got to push back against the law."

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