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DeWine On Santorum Switch: I "Bought Into Conventional Wisdom" On Romney

"I was a Romney delegate and I guess I bought into the conventional wisdom and felt it back in October when I endorsed Romney and actually became a Romney delegate," former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH) told MSNBC on Monday night. "That he was the best candidate to beat Barack Obama, to beat the president."

"We run campaigns for a reason. And we learn a lot of things. And I guess there's a reason that even though we kind of laugh about it and say, 'How many more debates can anyone tolerate or how many more caucuses or, you know, more town hall meetings,' there's a reason we do it. And that is, campaigns have a way of sorting things out. And what I'm seeing in Ohio and what I was seeing is that the Romney campaign was going nowhere. It didn't get any better from day one until last weekend. It's still not getting any better. There's no excitement. And the excitement that we're seeing in Ohio, at least, is in regard to Rick Santorum," he explained.

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