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Krauthammer: Since The New Deal There Has Been A Population "Very Happy To Live Off The Teat Of The Giant State"

Charles Krauthammer opines on the impact of President Obama's economic policies. Krauthammer says Obama wants an entitlement state and there are people who would welcome that with open arms.

"I think ever since the New Deal there has been a segment of the population that is very happy to live off the teat of the giant State. And there's always been a segment of the population who wants to be independent," the syndicated columnist told FOX News' Bill O'Reilly.

"So what happened when Obama started with this giveaways and the goodies? The trillion dollar stimulus and Obamacare. You've got the birth spontaneous without any leadership of the Tea Party movement. People, ordinary Americans saying, 'This is not how I want to live. This isn't America, that's Europe. That's not us.' And I think that remains a dominant instinct in the United States," Krauthammer said.

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