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Carney: "We Can't Change The Rules Of The Senate" But "We Wish We Could"

White House press secretary Jay Carney shares the administration's wish that they could bypass the Congress to get their judicial agenda through. Last September, Carney told White House reporters "there are things [Obama] can do without Congress, and he will do them."

Question: Are you trying to signal that this elimination of this backlog of judges is going to be more of a priority of the White House going forward and apart from expression frustration about it, what can you do?

Jay Carney: Well, we can't change the rules of the Senate. Al though, on some days I am sure we wish we could. My point is simply to highlight what has become a major problem in the conduct of normal business on Capitol Hill.

When you have judicial nominees who are highly qualified, who have support of members of both parties, who are reported out of the Judiciary Committee unanimously, and then get held up in filibuster, you have to wonder what's wrong.

And you should not be surprised then that Americans get so frustrated of the gridlock and the playing of politics here in Washington.

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