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Obama Chief Of Staff: "American People Should Be Pleased" That Economy Is Improving

"The American people should be pleased that we now have a recovery that is taking root. The job growth across all the sectors of the economy, it's not the result of people leaving the workforce. It's the result of private sector job creation. This is good. The thing that we have to be careful about is to make sure that Washington doesn't get in the way," new White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said on NBC's "Meet the Press" today.

"Last year we saw an awful lot of instances where Washington's dysfunction became part of the uncertainty and problem in the economy. Congress has a challenge from now to the end of February to extend the payroll tax cut so that we continue to get the boost the economy needs. I hope Congress can do the job, get it done and we can keep the wind at our backs instead of becoming part of the problem, which is what happened last year," he said.

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