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Maher: A President Palin Wouldn't Mind Another Terror Attack On New York

On his HBO program "Real Time" host Bill Maher says Republicans and conservatives are trying to divide America from the heartland to the coasts. Maher envisions a Sarah Palin presidency would mean if another terrorist attack happened in NYC, Palin wouldn't care since it wasn't the heartland. Transcript below.

BILL MAHER: Honestly, if Sarah Palin were president and terrorists struck New York again she would say two things. First, is Mount Rushmore okay? And two, well at least they didn't hit the 'real America.'

Democrats don't do this. Jerry Brown doesn't stand under the Hollywood sign and say 'Now, I don't know if this will play in Texas or down on the farms where they have no values and fuck chickens. But you here in Hollywood are the real Americans.' It never happens.

Pretty soon, the only parts of America acceptable to the right will be Boise, Idaho, Branson, Missouri and a nursing home in Florida with the six remaining Cubans who give a shit about Castro.

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