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Krauthammer: Romney Weak, Santorum In "A Place To Make A Run"

"You knew that the morning after it would start and Santorum would be recipient of a lot of incoming from Romney," syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about last night's caucuses. "But if that is all Romney can muster, it's not a lock. I mean, earmarks is an issue but look how Senator Santorum parried it. He did well. Rather than long argument about the virtues of earmarks, and there are arguments you can make in favor, or denying or getting upset about it and acting as a victim the way that Gingrich did."

"He simply lobbed the ball over Romney's head, over the net and said, 'Earmarks, you're the biggest earmarker of them all with the bailout.' That, I think, is extremely effective. He can keep his composure and not act as a victim. And just hone in the message, I am a conservative. I think he will be able to do well," Krauthammer told FOX News.

"I want to emphasize about last night. He won in Missouri by 30 points. He won in Minnesota by 28. And in Colorado. where Romney in 2008 had beaten McCain 60 to 18 he beat Romney. That tells you this is real weakness by Romney. And Santorum right now is in a pretty good place. Whether he can get the support, the money that he needs to carry on, we don't know. But he's in a place to make a run."

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