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Ann Coulter: "We Have Killed Off The Rockefeller Republicans"

Ann Coulter: "I think he is the strongest candidate. I think of the four remaining, he is the most conservative as I said before. More conservative than any of the other candidates running other than Michele Bachmann, particularly on the most important issue facing the country, which is illegal immigration. By in large, I think conservatives should be celebrating. We've killed off the Rockefeller Republicans. In 2008 we had one candidate who was pro-abortion, one candidate who opposed Clinton's impeachment, we had one candidate who wanted to shut down Guantanamo, voted against Bush's tax cuts, called waterboarding torture, oh, and that's the one we ran."

"We have killed off Rockefeller Republicans. Basically all of them have conservative positions now. I think Romney is appealing. He's gentlemanly. I think that's what you need from looking at how Reagan ran in 1980."

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