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Gingrich: "The Conservatives Clearly Are Rejecting Romney"

Jake Tapper: Why do you think your poll numbers in Florida have collapsed?

Newt Gingrich: Well, I think they haven't quite collapsed, and the fact is if you combine the Santorum vote and the Gingrich vote, we clearly are -- the conservative combined would clearly beat Romney. I think he's run a relentlessly negative campaign. Negative ads have an impact. We have not been as effective in telling the truth as he has been in running ads that some of which have had to be pulled because they were so inaccurate.

But the fact is this race is going to go on. The conservatives clearly are rejecting Romney. He is nowhere near getting a majority, and the fact is once you get beyond Florida, these are all proportional representation states, and he's not going to be anywhere near a majority by April. So, this is going to go on all the way to the convention. I think clearly the conservatives and the grassroots are increasingly angry about the way in which the Washington establishment has rallied in many ways with complete dishonesty, as Rush Limbaugh pointed out the other day. Some of the articles, some of the attacks on me have been breathtakingly dishonest, and I think as that deepens, the conservatives are going to come together and decide they do not want a Massachusetts liberal to be the Republican nominee.

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