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Rachel Maddow: "The City On The Hill Never Shines"

During MSNBC's State of the Union coverage, anchor Rachel Maddow expressed her anguish that Gov. Mitch Daniels said America is the "shining city on the hill" in his response to Obama's address.

"Chris [Matthews], I have to put it to you, because you're the only person I know in the world to whom I can complain about this, but the city on the hill does not shine. The city upon a hill, with the eyes of the world -- with the eyes of all people upon us, the city on the hill never shines. I don't understand why it always has to be shining," Maddow said.

"Okay. Well, I'll have to think about that," Matthews responded.

After Matthews was done with his analysis of Daniels' response, Matthews went back to her quibble of the "shining city on the hill" phrase.

"We are going take a quick break. The city on the hill will not shining when we come back. It doesn't need to shine. John Winthrop just talked about it being up there, in the eyes of the world upon it. That was it. Shining thing was a late edition. I'm sorry. Bugs me. Up next, we'll be talking with Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama. We'll be right back. It's not shining. It's not," Maddow said.

An exasperated Maddow could been seen talking to herself while the camera zoomed out and the network cut to commercial.

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