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Matthews: People Who Believe God As The Creator Are "Troglodytes"

MSNBC's Chris Matthews insults those of faith and those who are skeptical of manmade global warming. Transcript below.

Chris Matthews: In other words, there is no manmade influence on climate change? Is that your belief, Ron Christie? I didn't know that. Are you out there with the full-mooners on this one?

Ron Christie, Republican strategist: Let me enlighten you on this one, Chris. I think global climate change is the biggest fraud that's been perpetrated in this country. The scientific evidence isn't there. This is something that Al Gore and his cronies have made millions of dollars of perpetuating a myth. That's what I think.

Matthews: How are you standing on evolution these days?

Christie: I'm feeling pretty good in evolution.

Matthews: Do you believe in it?

Christie: God it our creator and I think that we all fall from the good Lord.

Matthews: So you don't believe in evolution?

Christie: I believe that God is our Creator and we all from the good Lord.

Matthews: What is with the troglodyte? The Luddites? What is the party that used to believe in things?

Christie: Troglodytes? It's true. One of the things you're missing here is faith. You're missing faith in this country.

Matthews: Excuse me, I don't want to just plum the depths the position the party is taking that is so far right these days. Let's go back to life on this planet here.

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