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Gingrich Refutes Latest Attack That He Was Anti-Reagan

Sean Hannity: The latest charge is that you insulted Ronald Reagan.

Newt Gingrich: You know, let's look at that period. Governor Romney was against Ronald Reagan. Governor Romney said in the 1994 Senate race he was opposed to going back to the Reagan-Bush policies. Governor Romney was giving money to Democrats and voting for the most liberal Democrat in the 1992 presidential race.

For them to come back and try to fabricate -- I mean, ask Michael Reagan who was there. Ask Tony Dolan, who for eight years was Ronald Reagan's chief speechwriter. Ask people who were, for example, the National Security Adviser Bud McFarland for five years worked with me.

This is the kind of fundamentally dishonest campaign. Governor Romney cannot defend his record.e can't defend his past. He can't defend what he's done. And his goal is to somehow through enough mud at me and I think it's all going to wash off because the American people are smart enough.

I first met with Ronald Reagan in 1974. I campaigned with him in 1980. I helped him for eight years while he was president. I made a movie about him. I've written a book about him. To suggest that Governor Romney is more Reagan-like than I am is act of total fantasy.

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