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Valerie Jarrett: Obama Will Not Bring Up Keystone Pipeline At SOTU

FOX News: "When it comes to talking about energy, will the president bring up the Keystone pipeline that got Democrats and Republicans scratching their heads that after a three-year investigation, they still can't make a decision?"

Valerie Jarrett, White House: "No he won't. But he will certainly talk about what we can do to make sure that the United States is investing in new forms of energy, at the same time, supporting -- for example, one fact that I just recently learned is that we are producing more oil than we have in the last eight years. That's very important. But we also need to be look for new forms of energy here in America as well."

"So I think that's something that everybody can come together behind. It's one that's going to require us to work very closely with Congress, the Republicans in Congress to forge an agenda. That's what the president is interested in doing."

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